Marshall Mathers is My Spirit Animal


If I’ve learned anything in my 30s, it’s that time is ever so precious.  So much of our life is spent trying to fast forward time to one of the many “what ifs” we’ve created in our head.  We focus on those things we don’t have, what we want, and how we plan to get there.  We agonize over shitty jobs, terrible relationships, and whoever it is that isn’t interested.  We rarely live in the moment, and lost is the art of appreciating what we actually do have in our hands.

We might not always have what we want, but sometimes we have to take solace in what we’ve been given.  Life isn’t a pretty play thing.  It’s real.  It’s gritty.  It’s not always nice.  Life is life.

Love those around you; share your joys; embrace your losses together.  It’s better to acknowledge your similarities than focus on your differences.  Don’t keep secrets.  Be formidable.  Never accept the worst.  Always do your best.  The fight never ends with a victory- it’s merely a time to rest up for the next battle.

And there’s always a battle.

My mother taught me many things before she died.  She lived large.  She never made excuses for herself or her actions. She was brutally honest, but incredibly selfless and loving.  She loved BIG.  She mourned BIG.  She didn’t know how to be small.  I never want to be small.  I never want to feel anything less than everything.  I will forever take these things and continue to grow into this woman she made me to be.  I’m loud and I can move mountains and I can part seas and I can do everything you told me I can’t do and I can’t…    I just can’t sometimes.  But I will.

If you stand firm on the foundation of self love, honesty, and contentment, you’ll never stray far from the course. Heartbreak, ruefulness, and self destruction will hide the truth, and only you can set it free.

And hip hop.  That also helps.

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