Misery Business


We can’t always ascend on this roller coaster.  Sometimes we have to fall to the bottom.  Sometimes we have to ride it out.  It’s not always easy and it doesn’t always make us happy, but we can’t resist the pull of our roller coaster lives.  With good, comes bad.  With bad, comes good.  Thankfully, things are on the upswing for me, and this weekend makes me do nothing but smile.  Yep.  No tears this time, haters.

I decided It was time to ride my mountain bike, alone, on my own terms.  I set out on a solo mtb ride in Bent Creek yesterday, despite my hesitation to ride alone.  I didn’t take a map, didn’t care if I got lost, and ended up having a pretty great ride.  Being alone isn’t so bad after all.  I went at my own pace.  No chasing, no pressure, and no fear.  Granted, Bent Creek isn’t Pisgah, but it was good to remember that I actually enjoy riding my mtb.  Bent Creek + pool + bike ride to get pizza = amazingly solid day.

I wanted to be independent again this morning, so I spontaneously decided to hit up Bent Creek (with a map) for another day of exploring.  Since I’ve been an Asheville resident for a month now, I figured it was time to get real about knowing where I ride.  Today was awesome.  I spent a lot of time repeating sections that normally get in my head during group rides.  I was smooth.  I wasn’t especially fast, but that will come with time.  I followed today’s ride with a float down the French Broad…perfection.

These are the reasons I moved here.

Am I still unsettled? A little.

Mostly, I am happy.



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