Thanks to all of you for getting me through the last few years.  You’re part of my family now, and I love you all.

Jamie Hensley, you are a great friend and I miss you.

Julie Bickford, you are my soulmate and vegan friend.  I’m so happy for you!

Brixey, I’ll always have a school girl crush on you 🙂

Adam Williams, you made me go to medic school.  I hate you.  I also think you knew what you were doing.  Thank you.

Paco, thanks for guiding me through medic school.  You’re a great friend and amazing medic.

Alvis, Neuman, Brown, Thompson, Alley, Chapman, Becky, Mo, Hal, Tribble, Ashley, and all my buddies who made long shifts some of the best days of my life…I love y’all.

If I didn’t mention you, don’t feel left out.  You all had a part in this and I’m deeply grateful.

I’m proud to say I served with some of the best.


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