Heart and Soul


In spite of my recent relapse to the steel framed world, I’ve decided now is the time to push my training to the next level.  By next level, I mean, STRUCTURED WORKOUTS.  I tried to flail around on my own for a little bit, and while I am certain I had some pretty awesome training days, I don’t have the skill set I need to achieve my goals on my own.  I’m the last person to ask for help.  I am a stubborn, hard-headed, independent woman.  Accepting help has always had a negative connotation to it.  I feel a sense of failure when I can’t do something on my own.  So, I am no longer the sole passenger on this ship.  And it’s actually not so bad.

With a more structured training plan, I decided my lack of control in the kitchen needed to be, well, controlled.  I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 20 years, and super healthy for almost a decade.  I’ve fallen into this trap of OVEREATING and indulging because “I earned it”.  Unless you are an elite level athlete, you didn’t earn anything.  Just because you train, doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want.  I’ve been super lazy lately, and not very mindful of how I fuel my body.  Well, this week it changed.  I emptied my fridge of all cheese and shitty foods.  Veggie kids can be unhealthy sometimes, even though we feel as if we are eating the right things.  I’m working on eating less gluten and staying away from sugar as much as I can, too.  It’s time to make everything smaller…including me.  I think overall, I will feel better on the bike this way.


I wrote that yesterday.  Due to a scheduling glitch at the tattoo shop, I ended up riding in Kingsport with Jamie.  We both had similar workouts, and it’s always more fun to have a training buddy, so we decided to head out from the shop in spite of 40 mph wind gusts.  Immediately, I realized riding the Surly would take some getting used to.

Last summer, I rode the Surly every single day.  I had no choice, and really, didn’t know any difference.  Of course, I struggled in the climbs due to my limited gearing, but I had a bike and didn’t care.  Yesterday was a totally different story.  The last few months with a compact crank and carbon framed bike have been awesome.  I fear it has made me soft, though.

The wind was horrendous, practically blowing us off the road at times.  I looked down at Jamie’s feet, AND SHE WAS SPINNING.  I, however, was having a hard time keeping an easy/high cadence due to my gearing and the massive head wind.  We struggled for the majority of our ride, but managed to accomplish what we both had set out to do.  The ride home was equally difficult, and we both felt like we had been in the saddle for hours.  We felt discouraged and victorious at the same time.

And that was yesterday.  I need to focus on the fact that I actually have a bike to train on, and realize it’s only temporary.  It could be worse.  I could be on the stationary spin bike every single day while I wait for my new bike to get here.  This will make me stronger….this will make me stronger…

This will make me stronger.




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