Every day is NOT like Sunday


This has been a crazy-busy week for me.  So much is happening and I’m pretty excited about the future right now. I’m still on the job hunt and trying to be patient about it.  Money is pretty tight anyway…so moving would be difficult right now.  If the right opportunity comes along, I can make a few adjustments.  Patience, young grasshopper.

Molly stopped by on her way to Philly, and we shredded MTBs!

I also had my first save as a paramedic!  I watched a man go into cardiac arrest in the back of my truck, my partner and I worked him, and he went into the ER with a heartbeat.  Pretty amazing stuff.  Those are the moments that make all the bullshit of my job worth something.  I actually saved someone.  THAT IS CRAZY.

I also have a new cycling team…pretty stoked.  More on that later…

My first road race is coming up and I should be honest…I’m nervous.  It’s not going to be as big as let’s say, Twilight, but it’s still ROAD.  I have no real clue what I’m doing, but you gotta start somewhere.  I have an incredibly supportive group of people in my corner, though, so there’s that.  I’m anxious and excited and nauseous and nervous and stoked and….well, scared.  I totally got this.

“With so much drama in the LBC, it’s kinda hard bein’ K-I-T-T-I-EEEEEEEE!”  But for real, it only makes me stronger.  Haters will always hate because their light is dim and mine is bright.  I just have to keep a positive perspective and use the negative as bike fuel.  The people who actually matter are the ones who know my heart and love me for who I am…the rest is noise.  Luckily, I have earplugs.


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