Time is NOW

In the midst of what society calls, “the end of cycling”, we have a choice to make.  We can ban together and promote the positive side of the sport, or we can continue to bicker and bring each other down.  The cycling community needs support now, more than ever, and I feel we have a committment to our juniors to see this through.  Put down your pride and prejudice for the sake of the next generation.  It’s not about you.

I must admit, I’m disappointed.  I’ve been witness to an abundance of senseless drama, as well as personal attacks on others.  It’s immature and unnecessary.  People want to point fingers and throw stones, but let’s be honest…we’re all to blame.  This is such a crucial time for all facets of cycling.  All eyes are on us.  Everyone is watching and waiting.  Our juniors are in need of guidance.  Do you think your petty arguments and grudges are a positive influence on them?  Doubtful.

Let’s take a timeout.  Regroup.  Focus on what’s important.  It’s not about who has the best bike shop, fastest kid or bigger team.  It’s not about status…it’s not about fame.   It’s not about owning anyone.  It’s not about gossip.  It’s not about what you can get out of others for free.

It really is about the bike.

Women need to listen up, too.  We are instinctively catty, no matter what you believe.  We need to do our best to be strong for each other.  We need to support each other.  We need to promote strength in women’s cycling.  We need to stand up for ourselves and fight for equality.  We also need to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions, both on and off the bike.  We need to teach our junior women that “selling sex”, so to speak, isn’t going to make them faster.  Put your differences aside, at least for the sake of lifting up women’s cycling.

So shame on you, petty adults, for making this something it wasn’t supposed to be.  Before you decide to throw stones at others, take a good, hard look at yourself.

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  1. whashtonjr says:

    Very nice!

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