Shiny new things


2012.  Another year of ups and downs.  Another year of trying to figure it all out.  Another year of trying to keep my past from dictating my future.  This is how it went down…

Rang in the New Year with a crazy person in the ambulance.

 Started the hardest semester of medic school.  Began training for my first half marathon.  Started a blog.  Cried everyday during the hardest semester of medic school.  Ran.  Fell in love with a boy.  Had my heart broken by said boy.  Managed to stay on top of my 12 week half marathon training plan.  Lost touch with my friends during the hardest semester of medic school.  Ran.  Got a 2nd job.  Worked, went to school and had clinicals every single day.  Ran.  Bought my first non-downhill mountain bike.  Raced my first half marathon.  Had my brother build me the Surly.  Started cycling again.  Stopped running.  Started riding my mountain bike.  Still crying every day due to medic school.  Almost fell in love with another boy, but realized boys are dumb.  Learned how to give zero fucks after 20 years of giving too many fucks.  Starting riding my Surly on 50, 60 and 70 mile rides in spite of my standard crank and 28 lb steel frame.  Only had 3 whole days off from May-August.  Finished medic school.  Finished clinicals.  Got 3rd job at bike shop.  Passed medic exam and practicals.  Realized I was super burnt out.  Completed the Pisgah Monster Cross in 7.5 hours with tears running down my face and saddle sores the size of a small country.  Went to my first Interbike.  Almost killed myself on the first day of Dirt Demo at Interbike.  Drank way too much at Interbike.  Learned SO MUCH at Interbike.  Started racing cyclocross.  Puked every weekend racing cyclocross.  Fell in love with cyclocross.  Tried dating boys again.  Wasn’t ready to date boys again.  Kept riding my bike.  Got my ass kicked at the Cincy3 cyclocross festival and cried.  Celebrated my 32nd birthday with my beautiful ‘cross family at the USGP in Louisville.  Almost broke top 10 in Louisville.  Had an epiphany in Louisville.  Discovered the power of a megaphone in Louisville.  Got a cycling coach.  Started getting real about sucking at cyclocross.  Busted my ass to get better at cyclocross.  Worked my ass off to pay for cyclocross.  Played with my dog.  Made amazing friends during cyclocross.  Finished 2nd overall in CX W4 in the MSG cyclocross series.  Raced NCGP and cried.  Ended cyclocross season.  Bought new, ACTUAL road bike.  Kept working my ass off, in spite of burnout.  Cried.  Made plan for mountain/road season 2013.  Made plan for getting out of this house.  Made plan for changing my life.  Made plan to stop falling in love with people who don’t deserve it.  Made a plan to race elites by 2014.  Made a plan to be a better dog mom.  Made a better plan to live life according to ME and MY rules.  Made a plan to stop making plans and just live life…out loud.

Rang in the New Year with a crazy person in the ambulance.

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  1. There’s lots of living to be done. Realize that you aren’t in control of much more than your own happiness.
    Great goals with CX! Hope to meet you, maybe in Louisville at USGP or if you come to Worlds

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