No Need to Argue

You don’t know me.  You make assumptions of who I am based on my outward appearance.  When I fail, you latch on like an insecure child.  You attack me.  You love me.  You leave me.  You come back to me.  When I succeed, you praise me.  Fairweather love…but what’s “fair” about it?

You watched me fumble through life.  I scraped my knees.  You offered a shoulder when I was weak and couldn’t stand on my own.  I trusted you.  I don’t trust anyone.  I must stop trusting people.  MUST STOP TRUSTING PEOPLE.

You promised me everything and nothing.  I knew you weren’t good for me.  Gut feelings are real.  I listened to my heart instead…so famous for this.  Shelter from the storm.  Time stopped.  I mistakenly put everything on the back-burner for you.  I pinched myself…and woke up.  Everything was on fire.  Your words slit my throat.  I couldn’t breathe.  How did it come to this?

I walked for days, weeks, months.  I walked aimlessly in search of everything I couldn’t have.  I never saw you again, but your words lingered.  Even now, strong and secure, your words lay across my body like scar tissue.  I can’t rid myself of you.

My insides turned black.  I built a wall.  I found myself.  I liked myself.  And now I find myself burning at the stake, just a stone’s throw away.  Spreading negativity like the plague.  Your own insecurities burn my skin.  Take a look in the mirror…it’s not me you’re seeing.

There’s no need to argue anymore…

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