A Case of the Mondays…on Tuesday.

Today hasn’t been the best of days.  Not sure if my emotional state is due to the lack of sleep from two nights ago OR the surplus of sleep I received last night.  Whatever the cause, this roller coaster has taken a nose dive.  It was all I could do to start my workout this afternoon, with the hope I would pedal my way out of this hole.  Didn’t work. 
Although I seem like I have it together, neatly arranged in my little box, I really don’t.  Every single day I have spent back in Tennessee has been a struggle.  Some days easier than others.  While I have made a temporary life for myself, ultimately this is not where I want to be. 
I feel like I can’t breathe.  This house smothers me.  I love my family with everything inside me, but being in a house with them makes me lose my mind.  I can’t get a moment of peace.  Ever.  Enough is enough.
Today has been an emotional challenge as well as a physical one.  I just want to pull the covers over my head and tune it all out.  Leave me alone, world.  I don’t feel like playing today. 

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