Ashevegas Redemption

Cyclists spend so much time focused on numbers.  It doesn’t matter if you’re an amatuer, pro, fast or slow.  Most of us are constantly training for something…even if it’s just to compete with ourselves.  “Hey man, what’s your data for yesterday’s ride?”  Garmin this.  Strava that.  Power tap…my ass.  I’ve only had use of a data gadget for about two weeks now.  While they are necessary for proper training, I must admit how nice it is to ride without all the beepity bullshit. 

(Mind you, I’m currently uploading my data for Coach Aaron)
With that being said, today was one of those “have-fun-but-still-get-my-workout-in” rides.  Yes, I wore the Garmin, but with no intentions of killing myself just to play catch up.  After last week’s Bays Mtn performance, I just wanted to remember why I started mountain biking in the first place.  Because IT’S FUN.
Me and the bro went to Bent Creek outside of Asheville, NC.  I had never played in this area and was looking forward to doing so after a tough work week.  We met up with a couple Ashevillians (Stephen “Trips for Kids” Janes and Tom tha Damager) and headed out for what would be one of my favorite days in the woods in a VERY LONG TIME.
The first climb was a total sufferfest for me.  Super steep mtb climbing makes my vomit chamber unhappy.  I DID NOT puke…I only wanted to.  To be short and sweet…today was full of single-track, technical climbing, swoopy downhill and all around epic goodness. 
And this shop kitty did NOT crash.  I repeat.  SHOP KITTY DID NOT CRASH.  Take that, suckas.
Finally, the rollercoaster ride starts going up again.  I needed today like a crackhead needs a crack pipe.  I felt like I had skills again…rode some great lines.  I also picked some real shit-eating lines and managed to make the best of them.  I didn’t feel the need to smash the pedals all day long, but still did some serious work.  I’m a content, happy Megan.  I performed well today.  There is hope for me once again.
In the words of Stephen Janes, “This should get you through until AT LEAST Tuesday.” 

Post ride recovery



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