Why settle??


We’re constantly seeking out those things that make us happy.  We see things that “catch our eye” and we begin to want.  We want a lot.  We expect a lot.  We strive for our wants…sometimes much more than our needs.  If we spend so much time trying to achieve our happy homeostasis, then why, OH WHY do we settle for less than what we want??

I spent a great deal of my work day contemplating this very question.  Why settle?  I have watched handfuls of friends struggle with situations that are not compatible with the core of their being.  I am not without fault…I’ve settled for a lot of things in my past that LUCKILY molded me into the raging cougar you see before you šŸ˜‰  I made a crapload of mistakes in my time…and learned from every single one.  I now know…I will not settle.

I know women who settle for douche bags that emotionally and/or physically abuse them.  I know men who settle for women who don’t give respect when respect is due.  I watch my friends get cheated on and pretend that everything is ok.  I watch people give up their athletic endeavors because they say “I can’t”.  I watch people go to work every morning to a job they hate.  I see people get married for all the wrong reasons.  I see people stay married for all the wrong reasons.  I watch people get divorced for all the wrong reasons.  Why settle?

My job puts me in situations where I have no choice but to see the true bitch and beauty of this life.  I’ve seen people take their last breath, given the gift of life and brought back from near death.  I never actually realized how little time we get on this earth till my mother passed away.  It makes me strive to achieve my personal goals and keep my standard high.  It keeps me on task and helps me to be a better human.  We all want to be better humans, right? 

We all spend so much time focused on the future, we forget to live now.  We fail to enjoy what stands right in front of us.  We find it easier and less confrontational if we settle for something less than what we deserve.  Why?  Because it’s easier.  Well guess what?  You want to lose weight?  Get off the couch.  You want a better relationship?  Go find one.  You suck at riding your bike?  Ride it more.  You hate your job?  Quit.  It’s actually very simple.  Don’t lower your standards.  Don’t choose to do something you’d rather not because it’s the easy way out.  HTFU and chase your dreams.  No one said this life was easy…and it’s most definitely not.

Create your own destiny…don’t suffocate in someone else’s.  Life is all what you make it…so make it good.

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