It’s not about the bike….but it is.

Well, it’s been a while.  I pretty much fell off the face of the planet (and this blog) once I completed my first half marathon.  In my defense, I had a looooong summer ahead of me with paramedic school and clinicals…and I survived! 

I think I can count the number of runs I’ve had since the half on one hand.  Aside from not having the time, I lost the drive.  Nothing sucks more than losing your drive.  I didn’t care.  To be honest, I still don’t miss running all that much.  Luckily, I found something I like more…the bike.

I’ve  been riding the Surly that my brother built me for CX season.  I tried to rekindle my road bike spirits from my Boone days…they didn’t answer.  Sooo, I had to start from scratch.  Not only did my fitness take a blow over the summer, but my mental state was in the crapper as well.  I sucked on the bike and my brain sucked me in.  I’ve been riding pretty consistently for about a month…and getting stronger.  It’s hard work, but it beats the hell out of running and irritated IT bands.

Not only have I been riding the Surly, but I’ve been hitting the woods pretty hard on my mountain bike.  I’m motivated to get back into the best shape of my life and kick some ass while doing it.  I’m a pretty slow climber and I usually fall to the back of the group, but I don’t stop trying (even if I want to).  I now remember why I bought that downhill bike…I LOVE TO GO DOWNHILL! 

I’m committed to being strong for cross and even more committed to stay out of my head.  The more miles I put on the bike, the stronger I’ll become.  There will come a day when I have to wait on someone at the top of Buffalo…and I will wait…because I’ve been there.  There will come a day when I have to go back for someone on the trail…and I will go…because I’ve been there. 

Since I didn’t get to compete in the Warriors triathlon, I signed up for the Barbaritos sprint triathlon in September.  I guess this means I have to put my running shoes back on?  What doesn’t kill you makes your stronger…

It’s not about the bike, but it totally is.

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