13. It’s my lucky number.

After a beer and 50 mg of Benadryl, I decided it would be a miracle if I even got up to run this morning.  I felt like butt after work last night…eyes swollen…runny nose…itchy face…hives.  I was having an serious allergy issue…until I went unconcious before sunset. 

My alarm went off this morning and I nearly cried.  I didn’t want to get up.  I most certainly didn’t want to run.  I was positive I had no desire to run 13.1 miles…but I had to.  No matter what, hell or high water, I had to.  It was the last long run before my first half marathon and I would have been an idiot to sleep through it.  So I got up. 

Lauren was kind enough to loan me her Garmin, as well as her boyfriend.  I was happy to have someone to run with.  Long runs are tough by yourself…at least I think so.  I would also like to point out that I did this run without music, just as I’ve done on all my long runs.  I haven’t been using my headphones for a good percentage of my runs, especially the last month. 

I started my journey running up Ft. Henry Drive.  I wanted to run a route that would be closer to my actual race, so I chose a few hills.  Well, I thought it was a “few” until I started running it.  From there, we headed down Warpath and made our way through the “nice house neighborhood” on Watauga.  I like this street because it has shade and it was pretty warm for an early morning. 

We came up on church circle, made a left down Broad Street and eventually made our way to East Center Street.  This street is basically a false flat with a few legit hills.  Zero shade.  I was actually feeling pretty good.  The inaugural bike ride two days before had my hips a little sore, but overall I felt great.  We passed DB, where we were parked, and headed back up Ft. Henry.  Round two…ding…ding…ding!

Second time around wasn’t as awesome, but at least I had good lungs.  My legs started hurting around mile 8.  By mile 10 I was moving just so I wouldn’t cramp up.  Hips, feet, ass cheeks.  Yes, my ass cheeks hurt.  The hills on East Center were bitches, but I kept a good pace and mashed through.  I made it to the flat part and started busting it to the car. 

I made it.  I ran 13.1 miles for the first time….without ITB pain…without stopping to puke…without giving up.  I managed to keep it under a 10 min pace, with a total time of 2:10.  I’m happy with this time because it was hilly and I hate, hate, HATE hills.  That run saved me.  I’m blistered, sore and can barely move, but that run saved me.

I am pooped but confident that I will do well next weekend.

Thanks Jenna Booher, Lauren Root, Cory, Niki Ferguson, Brian Archer and especially Jamie Williams for being my running partners, supporters and dear friends.  Without your encouragement and motivation, none of this would be possible.  I actually CAN do it!

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  1. Niki says:

    Good luck next weekend!! Just have fun! It's your first. I actually enjoy occasional long runs by myself. It gives me time to think and clear my mind. I also dont feel pressured to keep up a pace faster than what I'm comfortable. I do run with music on these though. 🙂

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