I’d Rather Be Sleeping

Nathan and I at Honors Convocation
I recently attended Honors Convocation at Northeast State. Apparently, I have the highest grade in my medic school class. It’s pretty awesome, actually. Aside from all the jokes I make about myself, I am pretty smart. I am a slight overachiever, but anything worth having is worth the hard work, right? I do realize I DON’T know everything and I don’t claim to. I only hope I can take this wealth of knowledge and apply it to my job…I hope I can “walk the walk”. You know what they call the person who graduated last in their medic class? A paramedic.  Yeah.  So, technically I could  be the dumbest SOB in my class…as long as I make a passing grade I get to play doctor.  Scary.
Anyhoo, school is winding down.  With the exception of our comprehensive final next week, this semester is Tony Dungy.  Just a few random classes this summer, state check-offs and the National Registry exam.  Oh, and there’s this little thing we call CLINICALS.  I’m basically booked for 3 months straight.  Good thing I don’t have any dating prospects.  My plan to stay single for the rest of my life is coming true!  All work and no play.  If I’m not working, I’ll be working for free.  Speaking of work…thank God for the folks at Sullivan County EMS.  They gave me a chance.  I have pretty much emptied my savings account over the last 2 months trying to compensate for the lack of hours at my other job.  Like I needed that stress!  I think I’m really going to like there.  It’s nice to be appreciated.  It’s nice to have a job…with actual hours!!
Dad and I before Honors Convocation

My motivation this week has sucked.  I think my marathon naps have been the culprit.  I rarely have time for naps, but this week I have taken advantage of this opportunity in preparation for the next month.  I’ve been exhausted.  My naps have been 2-3 hours long.  I wake up bummed out and tired.  I don’t feel like running.  I don’t feel like eating.  I don’t feel like doing anything but going back to bed.  WTF?!  I actually feel worse than I would have without the nap.  I don’t understand. 
I managed to get out for a TOUGH paced run with Jamie Williams last night.  Shew.  That girl ran my booty off.  I’m pretty happy with the sub 9 min pace for 5 miles.  I felt like dookie at mile 2.  I was on the verge of throwing up or blacking out for the next 3 miles.  It was awesome.  I even had to collapse on the ground at the finish.  It will help me get better, but DAMN, it hurt.
Sucking up all the oxygen at The Wellness Center
I’ve been swimming too!  Trying to get ready for this triathlon at the last minute has added two very early mornings to my already nutso schedule.  I know I should be swimming more than two mornings a week, but time is a real issue here.  I won’t be Michael Phelps, but at least I know I can swim 1000 meters without stopping.  Hey, it’s more than a lot of people are doing at 5am.  I should be happy.
My new cyclocross bike, Misti.
She’s here!  Finally!  My brother built me a cross bike that will double as a road bike until that glorious day when I can afford such luxury.  She’s pretty awesome.  I have yet to ride her other than around my neighborhood.  I’m fairly certain I’m going to die on the bike portion of the tri.  I’m very unprepared for this event.  I just hope I make it to the finish line in one piece.
As I sit here an type this, I’m “recovering” from my nap.  I feel like ass…most certainly don’t feel like running a measly 3.2 miles.  Please, please find me again Mr. Motivation.  I need you.  I just feel like going back to bed.

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