Go Big or Go Home??


Running is an addiction of sorts…why else would we wake up at the ass-crack of dawn to torture ourselves for X amount of miles before going to work?  Runners are endurance junkies.  We can’t wait to get high again, even if it means sucking every inch of oxygen from the atmosphere as we suffer through another death run. 

Although I have been running for a while, I haven’t been on a strict schedule like I am now.  Training for this half has made me realize a few things.  1) I can go past my “no go” point.  It’s all in my head…I just have to realize this in the moment and press on.  2) Trying to fit my training into medic school is a MEGA BITCH, but I’m doin’ it.  3) The power of camaraderie and friendship I have experienced during this process has been overwhelming.  Old and new friends have made all the difference in my training.  Training partners “get it” and have been super supportive.  I’m so blessed.

This brings me to my newest epiphany.  If I haven’t croaked by May 5th and I still have two working legs, why not HTFU and do a full blown marathon?  Why yes, I think I’ll have that.  You heard me…a full 26.2.  I like a challenge…I can do this, right? 

Since I’ve been running hills like a madwoman, I feel a flat(ish) marathon would be a good place to start.  Soooo, this week I will be signing up for the Marshall Marathon on November 4th.  It’s 2 days before my 32 birthday.  I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than spend a day torturing myself for the sake of saying “I DID IT!”

Check it out and sign up!
Marshall Marathon

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